[spacer height=”20px”]“A hotel without a concierge is like a church without a vicar”

But what does a concierge do and what can I expect of him?
Concierge is the French word for a person working at one of Europe´s many castles or palaces with the primary assignment of welcoming the many guests and to show them around. In the beginning of the 20th century the designation was passed on to luxury hotel staffs with the special purpose of servicing the hotel guests in an exquisite manner.
Arriving at the hotel you will always recognize an UICH concierge on his lapel golden keys. Keys being more than just a symbol of Les Clefs d´Or society – they represent the very symbol of a first-class service.
Finding the hotel concierge you have found your best friend – the concierge is the person who helps you to fulfil your requests, questions and needs – great and small ones.
The concierge is the person who knows the city in details, whether is concerns the newest and best restaurants, museums or night life.
The concierge has his finger on the pulse and is always aware of and updated on new activities. The concierge knews the best shopping places, provides you with tickets to the theatre or takes care of renting a car.
The concierge is also the person who looks after your wishes during your stay at the hotel, takes care of your mail, your fax messages, your flight tickets in case they need to be confirmed or changed. Regardless of the wishes you may have – simple or complicated – the concierge will execute his duty with his utmost discretion and precision. No duty is to small or to big.
The concierge makes it a point of honour to carry out his duties in an as perfect manner as possible! Contact the hotel concierge in the lobby for guidance – as already mentioned no task is too small or too big as long as it is not immoral or is in conflict with the law.